General news

Nov 082013

The patent application filed by Belfast Health and Social Care Trust to protect its rapid meningitis diagnostic has been granted in the USA. Granted patent US8465927 – Detection of Neisseria meningitidis by loop mediated isothermal amplification – is licensed exclusively to HiberGene Diagnostics Ltd, a rapid molecular diagnostics company, for its meningococcal diagnostic.

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Jul 192013
HSC Finalist in NISP CONNECT £25k Award

An initiative emerging from the Western Health and Social Care Trust has reached the final stage of the £25k Awards administered by the Northern Ireland Science Park’s CONNECT programme. Digitease is based around outcomes from research and development to measure stiffness and lack of movement in human joints.

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Jun 202013

Entries to the IET Healthcare Technologies Innovation Award category are welcomed from academic, industrial, clinical, consulting and service organisations which have developed or demonstrated innovative technology in healthcare enabling technology or applications, or for the innovative use of existing technology in health management for assisted living, with for instance, innovations addressing the aging agenda or global health challenges.

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Feb 132013
£25k Awards 2013 - Open for Entries

The annual £25k Awards business plan competition is once again open for entries from HSC trusts. There is £25,000 in prizes across four categories. The competition is open to researchers in HSC trusts, who should contact HSC Innovations for further information.

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Jul 272012

Northern Ireland is to contribute funds to the National Institute for Health Research so that Northern Ireland researchers may compete in a number of NIHR programmes: Health Technology Assessment, Health Services and Delivery Research Programme, Public Health Research Programme, Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme.

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Feb 132012
Research Entrepreneurship Competition Open - £25k Awards 2012

The £25k Awards competition, administered by the CONNECT programme in the Northern Ireland Science Park, is open to researchers in HSC trusts. The contest is a commercial educational experience designed to encourage researchers and individuals to act on their talents, ideas and energy to produce tomorrow’s leading commercial opportunities.

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