HSC Finalist in NISP CONNECT £25k Award

Jul 192013
Caution: This post is more than a year old. Be sure to check for more up to date information.

£25k Awards logoAn initiative emerging from the Western Health and Social Care Trust has reached the final stage of the £25k Awards administered by the Northern Ireland Science Park’s CONNECT programme.

The shortlisted team comprises clinicians and researchers from the Western Trust and the University of Ulster. The initiative is called Digitease and is based around outcomes from research and development to measure stiffness and lack of movement in human joints.

Their first product, which focuses on Rheumatoid Arthritis care and treatment for the hand, is a wearable data glove system that quantifies finger joint stiffness and range of movement. The Digitease animation is available here.

Using this innovation patients can enjoy consultation and rehabilitation exercises at home when joint stiffness is most severe. Equally consultants can monitor and manage treatment of stiffness symptoms that are subtle and variable. The team behind Digitease has also highlighted non-healthcare applications of the technology where hand positioning is important. Golfers, tennis and baseball players can measure swing rate and hand grip; musicians can analyse kinematic movement to improve overall performance. This initial hand data glove product provides many social and health benefits both inside and outside the health arena.

The £25k Awards is an annual competition that is designed to showcase the most innovative research and intellectual property from the publicly funded institutions in Northern Ireland. Tickets for the £25k Awards gala dinner which takes place on Thursday 26th September are now available. Good luck to the HSC entrants.