Next Steps


We will offer advice on next steps, depending on the nature and readiness of your invention.

Further Research

Early research results from small studies might benefit from a larger research project in order to provide more evidence in support of the invention. We will provide links to funders of such projects and support your efforts to build collaborative research with new partners. Certain projects will attract commercial partners even at an early stage. We can ensure that appropriate intellectual property arrangements are put in place for collaborative research.


We will work with you to produce a (non-confidential) summary of the invention and its potential utility in the market, which we will use to promote the invention to companies that we have identified are operating in the same space and might be commercialisation partners. We can assist at early meetings with companies to ensure that a compelling business case is presented and that the intellectual property is safeguarded.


We will develop an appropriate and fair licensing model for the invention, based on our valuation and the market dynamics.