Our Supporters

Organisations that have provided financial support for HSC Innovations:

Our Host

Our Clients

HSC Innovations provides support to clients in the five Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Trusts:

The general Health and Social Care gateway site is here. There is also the HSC Knowledge Exchange.

Our Colleagues

Similar organisations support innovation within the NHS in other geographies:

  • ennovations – an online store for products developed within the NHS

Our Local Universities

Many of our projects are in collaboration with Queen’s University Belfast of the University of Ulster. Links to their technology transfer offices are: Queen’s Research and Enterprise directorate and Ulster’s Office of Innovation.

Northern Ireland Science Park

The Northern Ireland Science Park provides advice and support to innovators, in particular through the NISP CONNECT programme, which administers the Invent competition (previously the £25k Awards) and other initiatives. News from Dr Norman Apsley, the Chief Executive, is here.

Intellectual Property

The UK Intellectual Property Office (The Patent Office) is responsible for Intellectual Property (Copyright, Designs, Patents and Trade Marks) in the UK. A number of useful documents are listed on the library page.


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