Mar 302011

On Wednesday 19th January, the Southern Trust’s Research & Development Department at Craigavon Area Hospital hosted a HSC Innovations workshop entitled ‘Innovation to Improve Patient Care’ for trust staff.  The aim of the workshop was to introduce the value of technological innovation in health and social care, including intellectual property and patents. Innovation to Improve

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Feb 042011

A new date for the Northern HSC Trust workshop that was postponed from December 2010. On Friday 15th April 2011 HSC Innovations will deliver a workshop on ‘Innovation to Improve Patient Care’ for members of staff in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust, supported by the Northern Trust Research Office. Northern Trust Workshop –

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May 052010

The IET Innovation Awards celebrate the products, technologies and processes that lead the way in engineering innovation. Spanning 15 categories, the Awards are judged by engineering experts and recognise the depth and breadth of innovative work being carried out across all areas of engineering and technology. Award categories that may be of interest to HSC

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