NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes

Mar 302011
Caution: This post is more than a year old. Be sure to check for more up to date information.

The (England) Department of Health’s Challenge Prizes were launched in December 2010 and offer rewards for ideas that tackle some of the most challenging areas of healthcare. Seven challenges has now been posted:

  • Challenge 1: Better Management Of Pregnancy – Achieve a 10% reduction in numbers of pre-term births through the better management of risks.
  • Challenge 2: Medicines – Reducing Waste, Increasing Benefits – To reduce avoidable medicines waste by 50% and increase adherence to high cost and critical medicines regimens by 30%.
  • Challenge 3: A Reduction Of MSSA – (Methicillin-Sensitive Staphylococcus Aureus) and/or E.COLI Bacteraemias across a health economy by 30%.
  • Challenge 4: Increasing Independence For Those With Kidney Failure – Achieve a threshold of 15% of dialysis patients choosing and being established on haemodialysis at home (HHD), without increasing risk.
  • Challenge 5: Earlier Cancer Diagnosis – Achieve a step change in the proportion of patients diagnosed with cancer at stages 1 and 2 rather than at the later stages (3 and 4).
  • Challenge 6: To Increase The Number Of People Who Receive Emergency Care In The Right Place And Complete Their Care In The First Location – The challenge is aiming to demonstrate that the correct balance has been achieved so that people receive the best urgent and emergency care with the least admissions/follow up appointments and in the best location for them in a way that looks at the whole health care system in an area.
  • Challenge 7: Reducing Avoidable Attendances At GP Surgeries And Other Primary Care Settings By 20%, With No Reduction In Quality Of Service – This challenge is looking for innovative solutions that can demonstrate a positive impact on GP attendance numbers in a health community.

The programme is managed by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement and an expert panel will assess entries. No particular limits on prize value have been set. Applications can be submitted by members of Northern Ireland HSC staff. The closing date for this round of challenges is 7th June 2011.

Further information about the challenges and the programme in general is on the programme’s website at www.challengeprizes.institute.nhs.uk.

If you think that your innovation includes protectable intellectual property, or you are not sure, please contact HSC Innovations before entering.