“How the heck do you commercialise biomarkers?”

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Aug 292012
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A NISP Connect event at the Northern Ireland Science Park on 12th September will consider the answers to this question.

Details from NISP Connect:

Enterprise Forum: “How the heck do you commercialise biomarkers?”
Perspectives from San Diego, London and Belfast

Wednesday 12th September, 2012, 5pm – 7.45pm
The Innovation Centre, Northern Ireland Science Park, Belfast

There is huge pressure on the Pharma and Biotech sector to drastically improve the success rate of bringing drugs through development and approval. At the same time, industry is facing huge pressure due to failing drug pipelines, the unacceptably high cost of development and challenging reimbursement landscape. Superimposed on this “perfect storm” there is acceptance in the industry that many drugs are not effective in a high percentage of the population.

By 2015 the biomarker market is forecast to be worth over US $20 Billion with the launch of a number of diagnostic tests to guide the treatment of diseases.

You are invited to listen to the presentation of 6 visions of the opportunities from personalised medicine from perspectives including:

  • Companion diagnostics
  • Data & analytics
  • Investment community
  • Diagnostics


  • Dr Cormac Kilty (confirmed)

Presenters & Panellists

  • Peter Keeling, CEO of Diaceutics
  • Richard Kennedy, QUB Almac
  • Brian White, Shore Capital
  • Roberto Fagnani, Global Business Development consultant, Biotechnology Business Solution (San Diego, CA) (via webcast)
  • Aiden Flynn, Managing Director of Exploristics
  • TBC

Information and registration can be found here.