TSB Stratified Medicine and FP7 Health Calls – Enterprise Europe NI Event

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Apr 022012
Caution: This post is more than a year old. Be sure to check for more up to date information.

An event by Invest Northern Ireland and Enterprise Europe Northern Ireland will focus on funding opportunities from the Technology Strategy Board and Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Details from Enterprise Europe NI:

Stratified medicine: Determining patient response

The Technology Strategy Board and Department of Health are to invest up to £7.5m in the development of novel and innovative diagnostic tests and assessments to determine an individual patient’s response to therapeutic intervention. The projects will be selected primarily on their potential value to the health service and on the improved outcomes delivered for patients.

The aim of this competition is to establish if stratified medicine can be used to improve the current clinical care pathway in the UK by addressing the risks of adverse reactions to drugs and / or by identifying those unlikely to respond. The competition will be run through the SBRI programme, which provides for development contracts to be 100% funded, and it will be run in two phases.  Applicants successful in the first phase will be funded to produce a development plan including a detailed assessment of the economic value of the product.  The products with the best value combined with technical feasibility will be selected in phase 2 for development.

The competition opened on 26 March 2012 and the deadline for registration is 6 June 2012.  Applications must then be submitted by 13 June 2012.

Dr. Graham Bell and Dr. Alasdair Gaw of the TSB will set the scene for the funding call in the context of the Stratified Medicine Innovation Platform and the roadmap for Stratified Medicine in the UK.

For further information on this call please visit: www.innovateuk.org/_assets/0511/Strat_Med1303.pdf.

FP7 Health Work Progamme 2013 (Opening July 2012)

The 2013 FP7 Health Call will not be officially published until July 2012 but as everyone knows, one of the secrets of success is having plenty of time to prepare your proposal. Early knowledge of the call topics is therefore essential! The 2013 health call will be of interest to businesses, academics and other interested parties working in the following areas of health research:

  • Detection, Diagnosis and  Monitoring  – focusing on personalised medicine approaches
  • Integrating Biological Data and Processes  – omics and systems biology topics
  • Brain and brain- related diseases
  • Infectious diseases –  including epidemics
  • Translational research in major diseases  – cancer and cardiovascular diseases
  • Health Promotion and Prevention

Dr. Octavio Pernas, the new UK FP7 Health National Contact Point for industry participation will present the latest information on the next health call.

There will be an opportunity to learn more about current and forthcoming R&D health funding calls and meet key personnel from the Technology Strategy Board UK and FP7 Support teams at a local event on 20th April hosted by Invest NI and the Enterprise Europe Network Northern Ireland. Full details of the event and a registration form are available on the Enterprise Europe NI website at www.enterpriseeuropeni.com/inx/events/register.asp?eventid=318.

Update (24/4/2012): Presentations from the event can also now be downloaded from the same page.