IET Innovation Awards 2011 – Healthcare Technologies

Jun 022011
Caution: This post is more than a year old. Be sure to check for more up to date information.

The 2011 IET Innovation Awards, including a Healthcare Technologies category, are now open for entries.

Administered by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), this is a very high profile awards programme that celebrates the products, technologies and processes that lead the way in engineering innovation. The competition is a great opportunity to showcase emerging innovations.

The scope of the Healthcare Technologies category is:

Entries to the IET Healthcare Technologies Innovation Award category are welcomed from academic, industrial, consulting and service organisations which have developed or demonstrated innovative technology in healthcare applications, or for the innovative use of existing technology in health management.  This is a great opportunity to celebrate the role of science, engineering and technology in the pursuit of health and wellbeing in all its guises, globally.

The innovations could be in any of the newer areas of biomedical engineering as well as the more traditional disciplines of electrical, information technology and mechanical engineering, involving end users including patients, their carers, clinicians and/or healthcare professionals.

Judges will be looking for entries that: 

  • Demonstrate genuine technological novelty.
  • Represent a significant technological advance with significant technical risks associated with the technology challenge. 
  • Demonstrate that the proposed work represents a significant technological advance for the industry or technology sector.

Entries will be encouraged for engineering projects and products that demonstrate the application of innovative design, technology, techniques and processes.

Previous winners have included a new silicon chip technology for real-time DNA analysis, ultra-low power wireless body monitoring, wireless technology to improve public health in developing countries, next generation pacemakers powered from the patient and a truly wearable device for real time monitoring of breathing and heart rate.

Full information, including the straightforward entry form, is on the IET website at The closing date for entries is 29th July 2011.