Technology Development Funding for Cardiac Imaging

Sep 082010
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Innovation in cardiac imaging receives technology development funding

Innovation in Cardiac Imaging

Dr Peter Sharpe, Associate Medical Director for Research and Development at the Southern Health and Social Care Trust, Dr David Brownlee, Innovation Advisor at HSC Innovations, Dr David McEneaney, Consultant Cardiologist, Southern Health and Social Care Trust.

HSC Innovations has awarded funding through its Technology Development Fund for technology development and prototype production of an endovascular imaging device, a new way of imaging blood vessels and the heart.

The idea for the endovascular imaging device was Dr David McEneaney’s, Consultant Cardiologist, Southern Health and Social Care Trust (SHSCT).  HSC Innovations then worked with Dr McEneaney in assessing the potential of the idea, which addressed a significant unmet clinical need and would have a compelling advantage in enhancing success during the surgical removal of implanted cardiac devices.  Based on forward-looking ultrasound, the device may also find application in the arenas of cardiac catheterization, peripheral vascular disease and gastroenterology.  HSC Innovations has filed an international patent application on the technology idea.

Dr David McEneaney said, “Every year an increasing number of cardiac devices including pacemakers and defibrillators are implanted. These devices consist of pulse generators that are implanted under the skin and leads which pass through the blood vessels into the heart.”

There are rare occasions, usually in the case of malfunction or infection, when it is necessary to remove these cardiac devices. This carries a significant risk of complications due to damage to the blood vessels or heart.

Dr McEneaney continued, “Removal of pacemaker leads is a technically challenging procedure which even in the most experienced centres carries a significant risk of serious complications. This device will improve the safety of lead removal and will have other applications in related areas including interventional cardiology.”

Dr Peter Sharpe, Associate Medical Director Research and Development, SHSCT, is delighted that this technology idea from the Southern Trust has received technology development funding from HSC Innovations. “The Cardiology Unit in the Trust has always been actively involved in research and development, particularly in the area of clinical trials and often on a European and world-wide basis. It is extremely encouraging that Dr McEneaney is using his expertise and innovative skills to develop this potential device which could substantially improve safety for patients in the removal of cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators.”

Dr David Brownlee, Innovation Advisor at HSC Innovations, commented; “This funding will help in developing Dr McEneaney’s idea into a prototype, which can then be used to demonstrate the benefits of such a device to potential partners.  This technology is available for licensing, strategic partnership and/or potential investment to enable further development and rapid commercialisation.”