3rd Annual Translational Medicine Conference (C-TRIC)

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Apr 042011
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The Clinical Translational Research and Innovation Centre (C-TRIC), based at Altnagelvin Hospital, Western HSC Trust, has announced its 3rd Annual Translational Medical Conference, which will take place over 5th-6th May 2011 at the City Hotel, Derry/Londonderry.

Details from C-TRIC:

This year the focus of the conference is ‘Tackling the Burden of Chronic Illness associated with Diabetes and Mental Health’. Both Diabetes and Mental Health are significant health problems affecting large sections of the population in the UK and Ireland and are a growing drain on the resources of healthcare systems globally.

The Northern Ireland Public Accounts Committee recently reported that diabetes was on the rise and that it costs the health service more than £1m per day. Recent figures also published by the Bamford Centre for Mental Health and Well Being in Northern Ireland, demonstrate that the proportion of people in Northern Ireland with a mental disorder is among the highest worldwide.

However, a range of management and treatment strategies are available for both types of disorders. In addition, there is evidence that early interventions targeting mental health and lifestyle can play an important role in preventing the morbidity and mortality associated with these conditions. Northern Ireland, in particular the North West, boasts some of the leading international expert researchers in Mental Health and Diabetes.

This conference targets academics, clinicians, researchers and bioindustry R&D managers with the aim of encouraging collaboration and communication to inform research and clinical interventions.

A programme, call for abstracts and registration information are available on the C-TRIC website at http://www.c-tric.com/2011/3rd-annual-translational-medicine-conference-tackling-the-burden-of-chronic-illness-associated-with-diabetes-and-mental-health.