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We are the innovation management and Intellectual Property (IP) support service for all employees in Northern Ireland's Health and Social Care Service. We enable new products to be developed which will improve patient care and are taking an active role in driving the commercialisation of ground-breaking new products and concepts.

A base for crystallising innovative ideas and taking them closer to market, we hold expertise in identifying opportunities to obtain, protect and develop IP assets.

We are fostering a culture of innovation and IP awareness in Northern Ireland’s Health and Social Care Service and are helping to develop new ideas for improved therapies, devices and procedures with industry and clinical partners. We ensure that your thinking and your intellectual property rights are protected and managed.

HSC Innovations has helped us to bring to fruition several ideas working with commercial partners in relation to differing aspects of medicines management putting in place appropriate agreements which fully recognise the relative contributions of the parties. Professor Mike Scott, Head of Pharmacy and Medicines Management, Northern Health and Social Care Trust.
The Elevation Awards are about empowering people with the confidence to share their thoughts on how to make patient care better with new technology, approaches and initiatives. Crucially, it will provide a platform to protect and drive ideas with real potential towards commercialisation and implementation.
Dr David Brownlee, HSC Innovations.

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